The Power of Predictive Insights

BlockSick is your personal asthma assistant, constantly learning from your surroundings to identify potential triggers for your asthma. It harnesses the latest sensor technology and artificial intelligence to analyze your environment, making accurate predictions and giving you early warnings.

The Global Impact of Asthma

With nearly 260 million asthma patients worldwide and more than 27 million in the USA alone, asthma is a global health concern

Adaptive to Your Needs

Understanding that asthma triggers differ, BlockSick tailors alerts to your triggers, acting as your asthma's personal bodyguard.

Say Goodbye to Inhalers

BlockSick keeps you one step ahead of asthma by continuously learning from your environment, conveniently worn on your wrist to identify potential triggers.Say bye to inhalers

Reclaim Control of Your Life

BlockSick is about more than managing your condition; it's about regaining control of your life. Embrace the BlockSick revolution and be proactive, not reactive.

Asthma is not a minor health problem. It can be a major cause of disability and even death
— World Health Organization(WHO)


What is BlockSick

BlockSick is a smartwatch equipped with AI, designed specifically to predict and alert users about potential asthma triggers.

Many individuals suffer from asthma, and pinpointing triggers such as indoor pollution can be challenging, leading to unexpected asthma attacks. In such situations, BlockSick provides timely alerts and guidance to assist you.

BlockSick, learning from your experiences, alerts you about asthma triggers, their impact severity, and precautions to take. Whether visiting a friend, traveling, or facing potential health threats like pandemics, it offers vital guidance for asthma management.


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